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24/7 Customer Service: 763.475.7400

Sound Masking & Paging

Take advantage of the latest audio technology and help your business grow.

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Sound Masking

NDI Provides Sound Masking solutions with technology designed to reduce noise distractions and protect speech privacy. These solutions our engineered and designed to your specific space to help mask human speech. By adding sound masking to a workplace, conversations are notably less intelligible, and there by less distracting, helping boost productivity while providing privacy within the workplace.

  • Speech Privacy
  • Reduce Noise Distractions



We engineer and design paging and intercom systems that take advantage of the latest audio technology available. Our sound systems provide clear and crisp audio and provide added value when integrated into the security systems. Whether you’re looking for a single door intercom system or an IP based paging system for your entire building, Network Design has a cost-effective solution for you.

  • Speakers and volume controls
  • Telephone handset paging
  • Audio and Video intercoms
  • IP based solutions
  • Ongoing service and inspections
Why Sound Masking or Paging?

The office environment can often be distracting. Whether it’s chatty coworkers, printers printing, or fingers typing, unwelcome noises sometimes have a negative effect on productivity. NDI offers cost effective solutions to help make your office a more pleasant and productive place. Sound masking is a low level, background noise that masks human speech. Paging is a powerful tool that allows one to talk over the noise if an individual needs to send an important message. Together, these solutions benefit not only you and your coworkers, but they also create an inviting place for clients or potential clients.